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Client Service Portal

Convenient, powerful data

The Client Service Portal provides convenient access to your lab testing data. It’s the easiest way to submit a new cannabis or hemp sample for testing, view an existing Certificate of Analysis (CoA) or contact customer service.

SC Labs Client Service Portal on laptop and mobile

A better way for program management.

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View results
Review current or archived lab reports for compliance and quality assurance/R&D tests. All of your lab data in one convenient and secure location.

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Automatically stream your lab data to any software (like a CRM or ERP) or website (like Weedmaps or Leafly) via our API.

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Mobile access
Check on your orders, sample results, and more on the go. Easily share. your results with others in the supply chain with the tap of your finger.

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Notification preferences
Customize who on your team gets notified during each step of the testing process—from order submission to the final results.

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View your account at a glance and edit your account settings. Preview current orders and access orders tab to view order history. Easily access the catalog view page and QR Code.

SC Labs CSP Dashboard
SC Labs CSP Catalog View

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Catalog View

Share your line of tested products, choose which samples are visible, and give your customers confidence in their purchasing decisions.

Feature spotlight: CA Clients

Sample Submission

Our sample submission process is designed to make it easier and faster to enter in orders, order additional services, and get the information you need for sampling. We have also added the ability to add turnaround time rushes to individual tests and packages for QA/QC. Finally, we have updated and enhanced the interface for our CSV file upload feature—for those with large orders.

SC Labs CSP Submit Sample screen
SC Labs CSP Samples page

Feature spotlight

Samples Page

View your samples from any device. Easily view top line results, download COA’s and other materials for multiple samples at a time. Mark results public or private with a click of a button. All these features allow you to access or download results and support materials quickly and easily.

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