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Arizona cannabis compliance testing

Our ISO 17025 accredited lab in Arizona, formerly C4 Laboratories, provides fast, accurate cannabis testing you can trust.

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The SC Labs difference

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Consistently Accurate Data

Since 2014, our Arizona facility, formerly C4 Labs, has been a leader in safe cannabis.

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Expert Tech Team

From AZ state regulations to formulation guidance, lean on our staff to guide you through the ever-changing cannabis landscape.

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Results Delivered Quickly

Same-day scheduling, 4-day standard turnaround, as well as rush options on most tests.

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Improved Data Access

The Confident Cannabis portal provides convenient access to lab results, gallery views, and QR codes for your customers…all with quick access to support.

Compliance Testing

Cannabis and cannabis products, regulated by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), require third-party laboratory testing to ensure safety and potency compliance.

Product TypePotencyPesticidesResidual SolventsHeavy MetalsMycotoxinsE. ColiSalmonella (qPCR)Aspergillus (qPCR)

* If inhalable

What is a test batch?

A test batch is a group of samples that are derived from a single harvest batch, production batch, or Inventory Tracking System package, and that are collectively submitted for testing purposes.

Cannabis Compliance Panels

Sample sizes will vary depending on the panel selected, as the required tests for each product type vary.

Compliance PanelsMin Sample Size
Flower10 g
Concentrates10 g
Pre-Production8 g
Post-Production6 g

A la Carte Compliance Tests

Sample sizes will vary depending on the test selected.

CompoundsMin Sample Size
Residual Solvents1 g
Potency (Plant)3 g
Potency (Concentrate)2 g
Potency (Tinctures/Edible Oils)5 mL
Potency (Solid Fats)2 g
Potency (Topicals)2 g
Potency (Capsules)6 units
Potency (Gummies/Hard Candies)6 g or 2 units*
Potency (Baked goods)30 g or 1 unit*
Potency (Beverages)60 mL or 1 unit*
Heavy Metals3 g
Pesticides3 g
Complete Micro Safety Panel6 g
Aspergillus3 g
E. Coli3 g
Salmonella3 g
Mycotoxins2 g

Sample pickup

While we don’t perform the sampling itself, we do offer free, next-day sample pickup to customers within 25 miles of our Scottsdale location, with a $500 minimum order. Pickup service is available outside 25 miles for $50.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our sampling process.

Dropping off samples?

7650 East Evans Rd, Unit A
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

P: (480) 219-6460

M-F: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.