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Michigan cannabis compliance testing

SC Labs Michigan is an ISO 17025 accredited facility and meets all regulatory compliance requirements established by the Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA).

Focused on quality and customer service and centrally located in Warren, Michigan, we can help you quickly bring your best products to market.

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The SC Labs difference

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Integrated Technology Platform

Our purpose-built Client Service Portal (CSP) gives you easy, online, real-time access to your test data when you need it.

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Streamlined Processes

Fast and convenient same-day scheduling, 3-day standard turnaround, and both 1- and 2-day rush options available.

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Expert Samplers

Professionally trained samplers are available throughout Michigan for fast and convenient service.

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Technical Service & Support

Get expert technical help interpreting test data, troubleshooting, and developing a remediation strategy if your test results require it.

Compliance Testing

Our regulatory compliant test panels meet the testing requirements for cannabis or cannabis products as required by the Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA), which includes a laboratory-performed sampling of a cannabis batch to ensure a representative sample is obtained. The laboratory staff member seals the batch and transports the sample back to the lab where the required tests are performed; the exact number of tests is determined by the type of sample being tested.

Product TypePotencyPesticides/Chemical ResidueResidual SolventsHeavy MetalsMicrobiological ImpuritiesHomogeneityWater ActivityForeign MatterVitamin E
Raw Plant Material
Non-Solvent Concentrate*
Inhalable Concentrate (Solvent based)
Vape Concentrate
Inhalable Compound Concentrate Products**
Marijuana-Infused Product***

* Extraction using ice water, rosin press or dry ice
** Moonrock, Caviar joint, infused pre-roll, tarantula, etc.
*** Not required for non-edible marijuana product or beverages with CRA approval

What is a compliance batch?

A compliance batch is a single unit of market-ready harvest cannabis or a manufactured product as defined within the regulations established by the CRA.

Cannabis Flower Batch Sizes

The weight of your harvest batch will determine the number of sample increments and the size of your test package. A harvest batch includes flowers, trim, eighth jars, leaf material, and kief.

Common Batch SizeIncrement MinimumMin Sample Size
10 lbs822.68 g
20 lbs1640.36 g
30 lbs2368.04 g
40 lbs2990.72 g
50 lbs34113.40 g
  • All sampling minimums are set by state, who requires that 0.5% be sampled for testing. To determine this for your particular batch, simply take the batch weight (in grams) and multiply by 0.005 to get an approximation of the minimum we are required to take.
  • We always require a minimum of 14 g to run full compliance tests, even if your ‘calculated’ weight is lower.

Cannabis Concentrate Batch Sizes

The weight of your Production Batch determines the number of Sample Increments (0.25 grams) to be included in your sample size. A concentrate product includes concentrates and cartridges.

Batch Size (lbs)Number of Sample IncrementsSample Size (g)
1 - 2123.00
2 - 3153.75
3 - 4184.50
4 - 10235.75
> 10297.25

Cannabis Infused Batch Sizes

The number of units in your production batch will determine the number of Sample Increments and the size of your Test Package. An infused product includes pre-rolls, edibles, and all other non-concentrate products not naturally produced by the cannabis plant.

Edible Production Batch SizeMin Sample Size
≤ 100 units2 units
101 - 500 units4 units
501 - 1,000 units6 units
1,001 - 5,000 units8 units
5,001 - 10,000 units10 units
≥ 10,001 units12 units
  • Sampling is conducted on products in final retail form.
  • We require at least 14 grams of material to perform all necessary tests.

Sample Pickup

Under current Michigan regulations, all samples must be collected from the licensee’s premises by a licensed lab sampler.

We offer a vast network of trained samplers spanning across Michigan, and we’ll work with you to find a convenient day and time to perform the sampling event.

Sample Vehicles

  • Sample pick-ups are available throughout Michigan! Just call us to schedule a pick-up day and time.
  • Regular weekday pick-ups within 3 hours of Detroit

Dropping off samples?

27610 College Park Dr., Ste. C
Warren, MI 48088

P: (586) 298-6464

M-F: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

In-House METRC Support

METRC (Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance) is a web-based, state-mandated software platform. It’s utilized by several states in which we have labs, so we’re not only knowledgeable about the system, but also have direct access if we need to escalate an issue. Have questions about your lab results in METRC? Please contact us, we’re happy to help!